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Your Subaru is made to conquer every adventure, on and off road. With Winter approaching in Scranton, it is the perfect time to inspect your vehicle to ensure it is ready for the driving conditions.

The team at Ertle Subaru has your guide to winter maintenance. Our service center is committed to keeping our Scranton area drivers safely on the road. 

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Check Your Vehicle’s Fluid Levels

Cooler temperature can impact the consistency of the fluids in your Subaru, changing the way they are utilized and consumed. It is important to regularly check your oil, antifreeze, and wiper fluid levels throughout the winter months. Each of these are vital to your safety on the road. If you need assistance, the service center at Ertle Subaru is pleased to offer oil change and transmission fluid changes

Check Your Tire Tread Levels

While your Subaru is designed to have your back in all conditions, potential black ice or snow on the road create unique driving hazards during the winter months. While you should regularly rotate your tires, a new season is a great time to check tread levels. Easily check at home by placing a penny head side down. If you can see the forehead, your tread is too low. 

Cool temperatures will also impact your tire pressure, you will want to regularly check these levels to avoid any unexpected issues. If you are in need of any tire services, be sure to schedule an appointment with Ertle Subaru!

Check Your Battery

Your battery is vital to your vehicle’s performance. Corrosion, build up, or low power will prohibit your vehicle from functioning properly. Check under the hood regularly for these things to ensure you do not get stranded in the winter weather. If you find yourself in need of a new battery, Ertle Subaru is here to help. 

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Trust your Subaru to get you where you’re going safely. Taking precautions during the winter months will ensure your vehicle can run smoothly. Schedule service with Ertle Subaru to get your vehicle ready for the new season. With any further questions about your vehicle’s maintenance do not hesitate to contact us online.

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