Explained: the vehicle microchip shortage

If you’ve been out to dealership lots, shopping for a new or pre-owned vehicle in person or online, or even just following the news at all for the past year, you may have noticed some drastic changes to the automotive industry.  In particular, an ongoing and severe shortage of semiconductors coupled with increasing demand for new and pre-owned vehicles has had a huge impact on auto dealer inventory for close to a year now. 
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How should you properly prepare your vehicle for the Spring?

After a long, cold winter, there are few things that rival the joy of rolling down your windows, opening your sunroof, and cruising around enjoying the warner weather of spring.  Making sure your vehicle is ready for spring is essential to ensuring top performance and extending the life of your vehicle.  So, here are some of the top tips for maintaining and preparing your vehicle for spring:

1. Wash your car!  This isn't just to make your car look nicer, but rather to clear off all the salt and other chemicals that may have accumulated on your cars paint…
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2021 Share The Love Check Presentation

278969436_353121936845007_206884090524683927_n-547x430.jpg 278969436_353121936845007_206884090524683927_n-547x429.jpg

On Wednesday, April 20th, 2022, Ertle Subaru presented two donation checks to our hometown charities that were selected from the 2021 Share the Love Event that ran this past winter. We presented a check in the amount of $18,623.26 to Quiet Valley Historical Farm and $7,618.21 to St Luke's Hospital Monroe Campus.

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Ertle Subaru introduces EV charging station

EV Charging Station.jpg

With more and more electric vehicles on the road each day, EV drivers in the Stroudsburg and Wilkes-Barre areas are asking themselves, "where can I find an EV charging station near me?"  Ertle Subaru is happy to answer that question by providing customers with an EV charging station at our physical location at 798 North 9th Street in Stroudsburg, PA.  

Ertle Subaru's new charging station is a Level 2 charging station that produces 80 amps of output and is capable of providing 65 miles of charge from a one hour charging session.  The charger features a SAE J1772 charge…
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